Julie on the Issues

Oklahoma Education, Oklahoma House District 100

Strong Education.

Public education in Oklahoma is struggling. From funding for the classroom's basic supplies to teacher shortages, our state's schools are hurting, and so are our communities. Students have textbooks that are falling apart. Schools don’t have enough money to keep the lights on 5 days a week. It's time for us take care of our kids. We need fresh ideas at the state capitol, and educating our future must be a priority for a stronger Oklahoma.

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strong economy.

A strong economy is one that is based on strong education, because it supports a healthy workforce. Our state economy has to recover, and simply changing the way we bring in state revenue is not enough. It's complicated, but that excuse is overused by our current leaders.  The tax system in Oklahoma is convoluted, and the methods we have tried for the past 8 years have not worked for our state. The evidence of that is continued budget shortfalls. We need to get a grip on sustainable sources of income for the state. We need to bring people together to bring in the money that will improve our education, workforce, our healthcare system and more. We can tax smarter. We can audit better. We can fix this hole that Oklahoma is in.

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strong healthcare. 

Healthcare in America leaves a lot to be desired. From wait times to costs, we definitely have a lot of room to grow here in Oklahoma. I believe in market-based solutions, and I also believe every citizen should have access to the best care. I also believe the state needs to have a serious conversation to improve access to mental health services, and increase options for special-needs children.

Oklahoma House Transparency

Strong Transparency.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to have transparency in government. Legislators are failing to act, and we are left in the dark on their thoughts and actions. We need to let the people know what is going on in Oklahoma. It's time we open our doors as we talk and walk across the aisle. Together we can make a stronger Oklahoma because your feedback is critical to our success. A strong economy means cleaning up waste, but how can we fix it if we don't find it first? We need to get back to serving the people. During the teacher walkout, we heard a lot about the need to audit education, but why not take a closer look at every agency?